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Last play in San Mig Coffee win over Barako Bull was not goaltending

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Barako Bull management is seeking clarification regarding the PBA’s rules on goaltending.

This came on the heels of the controversial last play in the Energy Colas’ 92-91 loss to the San Mig Coffee Mixers.

Enrico Villanueva’s game-winning attempt circled the cylinder before San Mig Coffee’s Rafi Reavis tapped the ball out, preventing the shot from trickling in and preserving the victory for the Mixers.

“We will seek whatever remedy possible,” Barako Bull team manager Raffy Casyao told InterAKTV. “We would like to ask for review and also ask clarification about the rules whether a player can tap the ball when the ball is rolling in the cylinder and has a chance of going in.”

A visibly-frustrated Villanueva, along with the rest of the Energy Colas, stormed out of the playing court, contesting the non-call by the referees.

But the PBA said the officials exercised correct judgment on the play.

“A defensive player can tap the ball while the ball is on the cylinder of the rim,” said PBA operations manager and technical committee member Rickie Santos said, adding that the league adopted the FIBA rules on goaltending several years ago to prepare players for international competition.
-Rey Joble, InterAKTV 
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